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About Us

North Carolina's Clean Energy Economy

Who We Are
The NC Sustainable Energy Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization of individuals, businesses, government and nonprofits interested in North Carolina's sustainable energy future. NCSEA is the leading North Carolina nonprofit devoted to leading public policy change and driving market development.

What We Do
Founded in 1978, NCSEA works every day to support and attract clean energy jobs, economic opportunities and affordable energy to benefit North Carolina. Today, our Raleigh-based team of clean energy advisors, analysts and advocates works closely with policymakers, consumers and industry leaders to research, inspire and affect clean energy progress statewide.

Our Approach: Proven Measures for Success
North Carolina is better off with clean energy policies in place, and our innovative nonprofit business model serves to prove it. NCSEA employs market intelligence, policy and customer education to research and pursue improvements to energy law, utility regulation and local government decision-making.  It’s a model that has earned the trust and engagement of our stakeholders – and the recognition of national industry leaders.

NCSEA Issues
From emerging technology innovations to regulatory rulings that impact ratepayers, NCSEA is North Carolina’s resource on all things clean energy. Our team comprises the knowledge and insights needed to digest, discern and seize opportunities in clean energy, including those involving:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency and high performance buildings
  • Energy storage
  • Intelligent grid systems
  • Electric vehicles

NC Sustainable Energy Association drives public policy and market development to create clean energy jobs, economic opportunities and affordable energy to benefit North Carolina.