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Our Work

The clean energy industry is inclusive of both energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and includes the following ten business sectors: alternative fuel vehicles, biomass/biofuels, energy efficiency, demand-side management, energy storage, fuel cells, geothermal, hydropower/marine, smart grid, solar, and wind.


The NC Sustainable Energy Association works with utilities and businesses to bring clarity and resolution to matters driving clean energy policy. As part of that engagement, NCSEA documents the benefits and costs of clean energy for ratepayers and tracks the economic impact of clean energy development for use in responses at the North Carolina Utilities Commission. 


The NC Sustainable Energy Association is committed to facilitating solutions that work for North Carolina. Legislators work every session on issues related to clean energy policy, and NCSEA works to ensure legislators and their staff have the most current information about the clean energy industry's impact on North Carolina, both in terms of economic development and employment.

Market Intelligence

The NC Sustainable Energy Association believes that numbers tell the story of clean energy. Analysis and interpretation of the numbers is the method NCSEA uses to help support the direction and tone of our regulatory and legislative initiatives. Our in-house analysts also use NCSEA data to complete custom reports at the request of our partners and clients.